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Christ Church

Lake Rd N, Cardiff, CF23 5QN

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The church is located close to the oval, the site of cell of the early Celtic Christian hermit, St Isan, known as St Isan’s well, and there is still, in existence, a large pond fed by a spring at the spot.


Christ Church is one of three post second world war Anglican places of worship to be build in Cardiff.


The Church in Wales was keen to respond to the rapid expansion of North Cardiff in the 1950s and 1960s and even earlier in the 1930s and in particular to serve the areas around Roath Park and lake.

Following its beginnings as the centre of the new parish of Llanishen Christ Church, it has undergone several name changes in order to locate it more precisely.


In June 1998, following a decree by Bishop Roy of Llandaff, the name was changed to parish of Cardiff Christ Church and more recently, on 2 April 2001 following a decree by Bishop Barry of Llandaff, the name of the parish was amended to parish of Christ Church, Roath Park, Cardiff.

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Wheelchair accessible.

Large car park by the side of the church. There is also plenty of free parking on nearby roads.

3min and 4min walk from Heath High Level and Heath Low Level train stations.

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